Friday, June 26, 2009

Where did the name "Prince" come from and why are Michael's children so fair complexioned?

Michael's mother, Katherine, was the daughter of Prince Albert Screws and Martha Upshaw. Her grandparents, listed in a 1910 census, were described as mulatto.

Thank you, J.Randy Taraborrelli for supplying this information from the book, "MICHAEL JACKSON - The Magic and the Madness."

A distant relative was a Choctaw Indian named July Gale, who fathered a a boy by a young slave named Gina. The boy was called Nero. July was called "Jack" and because his son was into slavery because he was born to a slave, Nero's name was called Nero Jackson.

Thank you, Christopher Anderson, for information from his book, "Michael Jackson Unauthorized."

These two book are the sources from which much of the information for this blog will come from. I will include statements from Michael derived from interviews, and pictures so that maybe everyone will have a clear idea of who Michael Jackson was.

So, no, Michael was not taking the name Prince as a tribute to the Artist, but to pay tribute to his grandfather. You will also see how it is highly possible that the coloring of his children is so light. Which proves again, Black people can produce many different shades depending on the race it mixes with.

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