Friday, February 26, 2010

So.. What About Michael Jackson?

Not to diminish the contributions of the late, great, Paul Newman, I have been an admirer of his for years. He, more than many of his contemporaries, deserves to be honored by Congress, for his philanthropic contributions, and the contributions he made in motion pictures. Toby Keith, okay, he went and supported the troops in Iraq. That's great. But notice how quickly they were honored by Congress in their work. It has been eight months since the death of Michael Jackson. WHERE IS HIS HONOR FROM CONGRESS?
There can be no doubt, the wonderful work that Michael has done for children, various fund raising for diseases (AIDS, Diabetes,etc.), for the hungry and poor of the world. It was announced at his memorial, that he contributed more than any other celebrity, toward charity. That is just what we know of. Michael was a giving man, that did not announce his contributions. He just did it, and sometimes anonymously.
I can't think of any reason for the delay. We should let Congress know, that Michael Jackson deserves to be recognized officially, as a humanitarian, and a philanthropist, and a peace maker. They waited six months to honor Paul Newman, and he rightfully deserved recognition.
Please take time to read the posts dealing with Paul Newman and Toby Keith, and tell me whether Michael Jackson is deserving of the same honor. I believe he is.

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